Understand your relationship with the Universe and live your life fully

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Understand your relationship with the Universe and live your life fully

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Tantric Yoni Massage

Tantric means energy oriented. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. Massage means working and acting on the body with pressure, holding, and causing movement of or to the body. Tantric Yoni Massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing, massaging and pressing points across the whole body. Focusing on the legs, hip-joints, back, buttocks, neck and shoulders, abdominal area, breasts, and finally the outside and then also the inside of the yoni (vagina).


Tantric Lover Workshop

This workshop is dedicated to men who would like to discover the secrets of tantric yogis who are using sex as a spiritual practice. Made up of 2 modules, covering different areas, imparts ancient yogic wisdom presented in a modern and easy to understand way. You will learn many practical steps to allow you to become more masculine and more attractive to women. You will gain new skills which allow you to feel more pleasure and to give more pleasure to your partner.


Personal Blog

In my posts I’m sharing with you my insights, experience, and knowledge I’ve gain through my life. It is a place to express free spirit, to share my enthusiasm and passion. For me it is a journey into self-discovery, letting go need of control and being correct, overcoming fears and discovering inner strength. It is a diary of an alchemical transformation process which is my life. 


About Me

My Background

Born in Warsaw, Poland. I completed a masters degree in Psychology from the University of Warsaw. After working several years in marketing research and consulting business I moved to south-east Asia in January 2012, to dedicate my self to study and practice tantric teachings. 

My Experience

I'm formally trained as a Tantra Teacher and Hatha Yoga teacher at Agama Yoga School in Koh Phangan, Thailand. I studied Thai Massage with local Thai teachers and therapists and became a member of the Thai Traditional Medical Service Society. I'm Tantric Yogi, Psychologist, Teacher and Masseur. 

My Path

My mission is to share tantric wisdom with everyone interested in self-development. Since 2013 I organise all around the world workshops and seminars about spirituality, tantra and conscious sexuality. I teach hatha yoga, offer tantric massages and private consultations for individuals and couples.  

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