Tantric Lover Workshop

About the workshop

Why do women love tantric men? How do you become a tantric lover?

This workshop is dedicated to men who would like to discover the secrets of tantric yogis who are using sex as a spiritual practice. Made up of 2 modules, covering different areas, imparts ancient yogic wisdom presented in a modern and easy to understand way. You will learn many practical steps to allow you to become more masculine and more attractive to women. You will gain new skills which allow you to feel more pleasure and to give more pleasure to your partner.

This workshop combines lectures with short exercises. You will receive knowledge, lots of practical advice and tools which will take your love making to another level.

This workshop is for men only.

First module

Women often complain that it is hard to find a man who really knows how to embody masculinity. Are they right? How has modern culture changed the concept of masculinity and what is the tantric perspective on it?

In this first module it is crucial to understand what Tantra is and what Tantra is not. It will also prepare you to start your own journey as a tantric lover. You will learn:

- What is Tantra

- What is the Universal Law of Polarity

- What is the Universal Law of Correspondence

- What is masculinity from a tantric perspective

- What should be the correct attitude of the tantric lover

- How to cultivate your masculinity and attract more attention from women

- What women want from a man and how to give it to them

Second module

Why are monks living in celibacy? Why can tantrics have sex for hours? What gives them enthusiasm and aspiration to work on their spiritual development and self-mastery?

In the second module we focus on the energy. Men can usually feel their sexual energy but controlling it is an issue for most of them. You will learn the principles of working with and gaining control over your sexual energy. You will learn: 

- How to prolong the pleasure and make love for much longer

- What is Ojas energy and how it is related to quality of life

- How to increase your libido

- What can cause problems with erection and how to solve this

- How to cure premature ejaculation and wet dreams

- What is the use of the chakra system in love making

- How to control sexual energy

- How to channel sexual energy

- What is tantric orgasm and how men can achieve it

29th October 2018 - Warsaw, Poland

20th November 2018 - Stockholm, Sweden

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