Tantric Women Workshop

About the workshop

Uncover your divine feminine essence in this powerful workshop.

In tantra we have three categories of people. Pashu – people who are unaware of their true nature, following others unthinkingly; Vira – those one who show great courage to step out from the crowd mentally, ready to find out their own truth; Deva – the transformed ones who have discovered their true nature.

Tantric Women are yoginies who are ready to step out and drop negative, detrimental conditioning around the role of women in society, female sexuality and health. This workshop will help you understand what it means to be a Tantric Woman and how to implement these teachings into your day to day life.
Find out how metaphysics describes the feminine element and where tantric women get their power from. Discover ancient wisdom and experience of a modern tantric practitioners. Learn about their life style, practices and routines.

This workshop is created for both experienced and beginners in Tantra. Over the course of the day, we will cover:

  • What is social and cultural conditioning about sexuality and spirituality. How it influences women negatively.
  • What is The Principle of Polarity (yin & yang) and how it works in practice. 
  • How to avoid negative consequences of menstruation, such as pain, energy loss, emotional disturbance or irritation.
  • Why sexuality is important for women’s wellbeing and how to build a good relationship with your own sexuality.
  • How to overcome negative sexual experiences, frigidity or heal sexual traumas.
  • How to exercise your pelvic floor muscles, including Jade Egg practice, to gain good health and control over your sexual abilities.
  • How female sexuality is different from male sexuality. Why some women are not reaching orgasm through lovemaking.
  • Where different erogenous areas/ point are located inside of the vagina. How to find them and what their meanings are.
  • What is sublimation of energy and how to achieve it through love making and self practice.
  • What is a tantric orgasm, what are the 7 types of female orgasm and how to experience them.
  • What is female ejaculation and how to manifest it.

This workshop is for women only. During the workshop there is no nudity or any explicit sexual practices. It combines theory with practical advice on how to become more open and aware of your sexuality and sexual energy as a woman. After the workshop, you will receive an email with lots of supporting information, articles, links, e-book, and other materials to complement the knowledge you gain from the workshop.

27th October 2018 - Warsaw, Poland

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