The Bliss - tantra intensive workshop

About the workshop

Would you like to experience sensations of orgasmic energy through your entire body? Deepen your intimacy with your partner? Connect to your True Self? Learn what the principles of tantra are?


Join us and dive deep into the world of tantra with this 2 day journey of intense and sacred practice.

Each day will bring a new journey. Guided by music, we will do group meditations, couples exercises and individual practices. We will use movement, touch, breathing, eye gazing and other forms of tantric practices to become aware of our energies, emotional and mental states. 

You will learn key tantric principles and experience powerful techniques you can continue using and exploring by yourself and with your partner. Awaken your hidden potential, understand yourself better and accelerate your process of spiritual evolution and self-development.

Each day is made up of 2 sessions. Each session will take 3 hours. The focus of the sessions over this workshop will include:

Day One - Energy -

We are not just a physical, but also energetical beings. In the morning you will receive an explanation of the chakra system (energy system) and understanding the role of each Chakra in association to sexuality. You will experience the energy of each Chakra in order to better understand the tantric way of lovemaking. 

In the second session you will learn about the importance of Polarity. You will be introduced to the Shiva-Shakti model, experiencing masculine and feminine principles and how they interact with one another through us. We will use our hands to experience the pleasure of touch and intimacy. We will also learn how to send end exchange the energy with your partner. 

Day Two - Transcendence -

Day two is dedicated to transcend our energies awaked during day one into state of Bliss and pure awareness. You will learn tantric practices which has the goal of awakening our higher energetical centers. The effect of it is an experience of rising of the individuals energy and achieving higher states of consciousness. You will be introduced to the concept of Transfiguration, which is a daily practice and at the same time the goal of tantric practitioners. By practicing it, we learn how it is to look at the world with the eyes of new born baby and seeing the real nature of the world around you without judgments or expectations. You will learn how use this technique to deepen the intimacy with your-self and your beloved. We will conclude this session with a tantric meditation preceded by powerful exercise to lift up our energy. 

This workshop is dedicated to singles and couples, both experienced and new to Tantra. During the workshop there will be no nudity or any explicit sexual practices.

We have designed this workshop for a limited number of participants to create an intimate space to give you an opportunity to have a deep, profound experience. Because of this please message us in advance and book your spot.

19-20 Jan - Warsaw

26-27 Jan - Amsterdam

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