Tantric Yoni Massage


Tantric means spiritually oriented and focused on energy. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. Massage means working and acting on the body with pressure, holding, and causing movement of or to the body. Tantric Yoni Massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing, massaging and pressing points across the whole body. Focusing on the legs, hip-joints, back, buttocks, neck and shoulders, abdominal area, breasts, and finally the outside and then also the inside of the yoni (vagina).

This massage is a combination of knowledge and techniques coming from Indian tantric yoga, traditional Thai massage, Chinese acupressure, modern psychology and sexology.

It is designed and dedicated to women. It opens up the whole body to sensation of energy, pleasure and finally deep forms of orgasm. It has a beneficial and balancing effect on a woman's physical, sexual, energetic, emotional and mental wellbeing. It is a ritual, a spiritual practice that allows a woman to connect to her goddess essence, her feminine core, the creative power of her nature; her Shakti (feminine aspect of the Universe) in its many expressions.

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Session takes 2,5 hour and it cost 3 000 SEK

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The sessions have a ritual nature. It will start with an introduction which consists of discussing the process and explaining how to breathe and relax the body, where to concentrate and how to openly communicate during the massage. After setting the intention and a short guided meditation, the body massage begins. This stage is preparation to open up the body and to relax so that prana (energy) can start to circulate more easily. Another important goal of this stage is to build trust and connection between the giver and receiver resulting in relaxation, and a rise in the feeling of well-being, safety, and contentment of the receiver.

The next stage is the massage of the yoni. It starts gently by massaging the yoni on the outside, massaging entrance before moving to the walls inside. Next, the woman receiving massage is guided through different erogenous points and areas of yoni. Those points and areas are stimulated so sexual energy can start moving upward giving many new erotic sensations and creating state of deep orgasm.

After the stimulation of erogenous points and sublimation of the sexual energy, it is time for a deep guided relaxation of the whole body. This helps to settle the energy and calm the body as well as to create a deep relaxed state.

The last part of the ritual is a grounding process to help come down and bring presence within the physical body. This does not take away the feeling of lightness and release which are the effects of the whole process. 

This form of massage is very intimate so there are certain rules which are created to give the receiver full comfort and to help them to relax and open up. The role of person performing massage is to hold the space and guide the whole process; to provide emotional support and create an atmosphere of privacy and discretion. This massage does not involve sexual intercourse and does not lead to it. It is performed only with the hands.

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  • Healing past pain and trauma
  • Releasing tension and stagnant emotions
  • Improving or overcoming conditions like: frigidity, low libido, vaginismus, painful / heavy / irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, dryness of the vagina, pain or irritation during love-making


  • Becoming more sensitive. Body will become more erogenous, pleasurable and orgasmic
  • Experiencing different and new kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states
  • Experiencing the auspicious feminine manifestation of female ejaculation or Amrita/Kalas


  • Increasing awareness and sensations in the yoni
  • Learning how to feel and move the sexual energy
  • Learning how to recognize, deepen, lengthen and expand orgasms

Spiritual evolution

  • Opening the body to perception and control of sexual energy
  • Learning new orgasmic skills thus gaining personal empowerment and growth
  • Experiencing higher states of consciousness, stillness, transcendence, dissolution, oneness

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Massage can be receive by any adult woman who is in good mental and physical health, regardless of sexual experience or tantric knowledge. It is beneficial for women who are already tantric practitioners as well as women without any previous experience with sexual tantra. It is highly recommended for woman who would like to:

  • Feel and connect with their feminine sexual energy and learn how to use it
  • Discover and increase their full orgasmic potential 
  • Overcome negative experiences and sexual trauma which are not allowing them to open up and connect with their sexual energy 
  • Go much deeper into their energy and reach higher and more profound meditative states


The law of polarity, which is one of the most fundamental in tantra, says that everything has its opposite: hot - cold, up - down, good - bad. According to Chinese Taoism there are two main polarities Yin-Yang. Everything in this world is either “Yin” or “Yang” and the two opposing forces support one another and exert mutual control over each other. Putting Yin and Yang together creates balance, union and harmony.

Because women are more Yin, they have easy, natural access to teluric/feminine energy. Men are more Yang they have natural access to cosmic/masculine energy. A yoni massage from a man is an efficient method for balancing energies for the woman receiving. Having a balanced energy system naturally allows for emotional healing, and is important for overall holistic health. It also creates stronger polarity which in turn allows much more energy to be generated during the massage.

Appointments in Stockholm 19.11-2.12.2018


"I had given up on thinking I'd ever have a positive sexual experience. Being 36 years old and having never had an orgasm, I thought that I just had to resign to the fact that I would live like that for the rest of my life. Sex and talking about sex has always been tabu for me. Since a small child I was taught that sex was something that was not meant to be pleasurable and enjoyable. It was shameful to think in that way. As a child I could never watch sex scenes on TV or in the movies in front of my family and it was a very uncomfortable moment, almost unbearable. Touching myself, or masturbating was completely out of the question as a teenager! I taught myself to loath it! As I grew older, and due mostly to social pressures and to seem like everyone else, I started having sex around 18 and it became quite common for me to associate liking someone to having sex with them. I had quite a few boyfriends and sex was a way to show that I cared for them. But it was always about the other, about pleasing and making the other enjoy it. My needs were secondary and of course, I would never orgasm, so it was purely to make someone else happy. I didn't enjoy it and many times I pretended to like it, just to please them. It's a very lonely path to walk on, when you feel so disconnected to your sexuality and that you are so ashamed of never having had an orgasm, that you feel like the last human being on Earth or worse, that you are somehow broken. I knew that it was not right but felt powerless to do anything or change anything about my situation. Then, about a month ago I met Skanda. It was a chance encounter and I am very happy that our paths crossed. Skanda made me feel safe about speaking about my sexual experiences and he taught me to see how sex and having a positive relationship with sex and with my sexuality was so central in everything. I always saw sex as something alien and far away. I didn't see it as something that can help me like myself more, care for myself more and above all, give me a sense of power and happiness. I did my first Yoni massage with Skanda and it was a transformative experience. I cried during and after it. I felt quite sick for a couple of days as it was so intense. There was so much repressed feelings that needed to come out. I had never felt my body in such a deep and meaningful way. I finally found that I wasn't broken and that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I am normal and that having good sex and feeling good about my sexuality really only depended on me. I am now in control. I do what feels good to me. What feels right. I don't just have sex. I have an experience with myself. I feel happy, in control and love my body. I will only have sex if I want and feel like it. No more pressure. I want to have meaningful experiences and not just unconscious ones. I know so many women feel like me and I can relate. It is very sad that we have been allowed to think that we are destined to stay in the same sexual situation for the rest of our lives. We are not and we can all discover this sense of liberation and feel that we are deserving of being loved by ourselves and our partners.

I'd like to thank Skanda for opening the way for me. He has been the guiding light at the end of the tunnel. The hope that I had lost. THANK YOU! For all of you out there, don't lose faith. Talk to him. He can really help!”

- Gemini (Portugal), September 2018

"To have the massage was the best decision I ever made. I wanted to see what my body and mind was capable of but with no expectations on the  massage - I could never have imagined that the process could be so divine and affect me as strong as it did. I really liked how the session was building up the energy, without stressing, first talking and then taking it step by step. It made me feel safe, letting me open up and expose myself more than I’ve ever done before. Even the communication during the easier body massage made me relax even more. Everything went  on with such a flow, building up my energy inside. Starting to massage  more sensitive parts of my body, making me more aware of every single  touch. I started to lose control over some bodyparts like fingers, arms,  cheeks and my lips, instead there was a sticking, warm and pleasant but  strange sensation flowing. Moving to the yoni I let my whole body respond to every touch. I felt both immensely connected and disconnected to my body, like I was thrown between all my emotions on a whole new level. My body started to shake when I couldn’t control what I felt, feeling frustrated when I couldn’t stop it. Tears started to run peacefully down my face when I finally let it go, allowing myself not to be in control, allowing myself to embrace what I felt. After a powerful  sensation in the end of the massage I struggled a lot in my mind, like I  was fighting a battle about being vulnerable, making my body twitch and  breathing heavier. Thankfully the masseur gave me the time and help I needed to let go of the tension, bringing me back. In the end when I started to come back to my body I began to laugh, feeling amused and chocked over my response. The whole experience seemed so unbelievable and was a lot about pushing and respecting my boundaries. After the massage I felt dizzy but relieved, sensitive and open, making me feel so alive. I felt high, high on sexual energy. Now I know it’s possible to feel this way. Thank you, it was magical." 

- Gemini (Sweden), August 2018

“This is really something that every woman should do.  There is nothing like it. The reason why I did it is because I wanted to  explore what it could do for me. I knew I carried a lot of tension in  my lower abdomen, cause for a long time sex was something very  destructive for me.

On my way to the appointment I  was super nervous! But as soon as I met Skanda I felt a lot more calm.  He makes you feel very safe, even though the situation that you’re in is  quite different. He is very professional and I felt very relaxed the  whole time. The massage was a lot more intense than I thought it would  be. I kind of picture it would be very pleasant and end up in a major  orgasm, but it was nothing like it. He really knew what buttons to push  in order to release all the tension I had in my yoni. Afterward I felt very emotional but that went away quite fast. The following days I felt  like I was walking on clouds, with an euphoric feeling in my whole body. I was so happy and just wanted to hug every person on the planet. So much love being released! Best experience ever!! I’m definitely doing this again”

- Scorpio (Sweden), August 2018

“My very first yoni massage in my life was just mind blowing. Honestly. I can´t tell how happy I am that I had the heart to try it. Even when I was so nervous and excited when I came. But I just knew somehow deep inside me that it is absolutely the right time and space to do it. I luckily met Skanda after a super interesting tantric workshop that he gave in Goa. And a day after we already met for the massage. The moment I arrived I instantly started to relax and to breathe again. That was only possible cause Skanda had such an calming and intimate effect on me. After a nice talk we started with a Thai massage to get more into a relaxed state of mind and body which was such a good idea. All what came afterwards I will not describe here. Cause it is hard for me to find any words for that wonderful experience and I somehow don´t want to put it in letters. But what I can tell you is that it is one thing in your life that you should not miss as a woman. I just had no idea what is possible with my female body. It´s a whole new world that is so much worth to explore and to dive more into. And when you ever thought about trying it, here is the right place and person to do it. Thank you so much Skanda.” 

- Capricorn (Germany), March 2016

"I'm about ten years into my spiritual practice and having had tried many meditation techniques, explored numerous philosophies and received a great deal of body work I have never felt the true sensations of energy flow. My time with Skanda changed that! I experienced a great deal of emotional release in the initial stages of the yoni massages which is what I was seeking and then my body was over taken by beautiful vibrations, particularly in the hands, arms and chest. For the first time in my life I experienced what it was like not to be controlled by my physical body. During the relaxation phase as Skanda held my head, the vibrations I experienced became part of the music he plays, I was a continuation of the beautiful sounds that flowed, it was blissful. Skanda creates such a safe space for this intimate experiences with every last detail thoroughly thought through. I would recommend him to any lady who was looking to build a deeper relationship with her Yoni." 

- Aries (UK), February 2016

“Skanda has perfected his unique craft and it's truly a gently, guided and strongly, supported relaxing and healing service. From the second you arrive, you feel comfortable and at ease with his presence. This was my first session and I was a bit nervous but his attention to detail in explaining the process completely alleviated my nerves. He does not rush you and is very loving and immensely compassionate to your needs and feelings. I experienced some altered states of pure consciousness and have never had these experiences previously. I felt a huge rush of emotions that I released after the session and I attribute that to the energy we moved. Overall the experience was divinely amazing. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to release, relax and reopen your heart.” 

- Virgo (USA), May 2015

“I was a bit resistant to receive a yoni massage from a man: how could he be sensitive, gentle and comprehensive? And then a friend of mine told me the great experience she had with Skanda and highly recommend me to try, as she knew i wanted to work on my sexuality and spiritual growth. So i thought it s time to try. What i experienced then was beyond any expectation. I felt safe, hold, Skanda allowed me to surrender, to trust. He made me feel at the same time a wonderful woman, and a powerful Goddess in my body. His presence was not anymore the presence of a limited human being but for sure something superior, i was in the presence of Shiva. The energy moved into my body in a totally unexpected way. Tinkling sensations in my hands, arms, chest, my heart opened, i felt universal love, i felt in the presence of God. It has been one of the most amazing experience i had. It made me trust that i also have this power inside me, and gave me even more wish to continue work and grow in the spiritual tantric path. Since then amazing things happened to my life. I am very thankful for the experience, and for the devotion, professionalism and love that Skanda put in what he does. I highly recommend every woman to try it. Thank you Skanda!” 

- Aries (Italy), March 2015

“The sensations continued to grow, moving up my spine and down my arms. Feeling that the tingling numbness would consume me, overpower me, I started praying. It was the first time in this life that I prayed with up-most trust and love for the divine and it felt like coming home. Shiva answered my prayer, and as the pleasure and sensations flowed over me, as they filled every cell of my being, I felt a love and a light so beautiful, so pure and so profound fill me fully. Nothing else existed in that moment; only an intense contentment and love of divine presence, the sweet knowledge of the Truth, a feeling of utter oneness. Worried he asked me, as tears flooded down my face, if I was hurting? No I answered with my being still filled with this pure love, these are tears of intense gratitude as I have just found the Divine.” 

- Aquarius (New Zealand), September 2014

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Session takes 2,5 hour and it cost 3 000 SEK

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